App & API Development

Mobile app development includes building the various software applications which are to be executed or run on the mobile device. There are various operating systems that mobile devices run on, they are android, IOS, etc.

Nowadays mobile app development industry is going in a tremendous way.

Mobile Apps build on a flutter or react native will be able to run on mobile devices like android phones, iPhones, Macs, and personal computers as well.

The mobile app development process also includes developing the assets and bundles which are installable on a mobile device.

Mobile applications are generally integrated with backend API services which are developed by backend developers (using backend technologies) to receive the information generally in the form of JSON (Javascript script object notation) or any other form, this data is required for a mobile app developer for the development of mobile software or application.

Various types of APIs can be integrated with mobile apps. They may be Open APIs, Partner APIs, Internal APIs, REST APIs, SOAP API etc. These are built using backend technologies.

There are two mobile app platforms that are very dominant in the current mobile app market. They are IOS platforms maintained by Apple Inc and Android from Google.

They are different mobile development practices that can be used to develop a mobile app to run on a mobile device. They are native mobile application development, cross-platform native mobile application development, hybrid mobile app development, and progressive mobile app development.

In app development, a mobile engineer has to go through the frontend part of the app development and as well as backend part of the mobile app.

A mobile app constitutes both frontend and backend development, a frontend mobile app development involves designing the user interfaces and user experience UI/UX. The backend development process includes deploying and maintaining the server-side of a mobile app. Hence there should be a backend engineer who usually supports the development of the mobile app.

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