Application Testing

Software testing is a phase where the test engineer will check the software developed by the software developer. This is a method to check the whether the developed application or software is strictly meeting the expected requirements as planned earlier.

In this flow the tester will find out all the defects in the software and make a list of all defects to again re-ensure and to correct them.

This process can be of two types. One is manual and another is automated. A Test engineer can test the application manually or else by automated tools based on the software application scope given to him.

Manual testing includes testing software manually without using any automation tool or any program. In this type of testing, the tester takes behaves or takes the position of an end-user and tests the software to identify any unexpected behavior or bug.

Automation testing, also primarily known as Test Automation, is when the tester writes scripts and uses another software to test the product. This process involves the automation of a manual process.

The entire process in the testing phase will be done before the delivery of the software to end users.

There are various types of testings such as functional testing, performance testing and regression testing.

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