Domains & Hostings

Domain registrations and hosting are two different services but are closely dependent on each other.

Web hosting provides the space to store information or files or any other electronic form of data. This space is called the server, we know that a website comprises images, videos, audio, text, documents, and any other files. These are stored on the server and can be accessed by an end-user through the internet.

Domain registrations are nothing but providing domain names that usually address and help visitors access website content. The website hosting has a unique IP Address and the domain should be pointed to a particular web host server or an IP to access the files on that particular server.

A sample example for a domain name looks like

There are two parts in domain names. They are second-level domains (SLD) and top-level domains (TLD).

SLDs are the words or phrases used in the domain name and TLDs are the extensions of the domain names. For example, if we take then my domain is the SLD and .com is the TLD.

To have a domain first we need to register the domain, the domain can be purchased once and can be renewable on the basis of a yearly term or any specific number of years. There are various companies like Godaddy, Hostinger etc, that provide domain registrations and also hosting space for customers.

Companies or organizations that sell and manage domain name registrations are called domain registrars.

Domain registrars are the companies which are listed under ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an authority that coordinates and manages domain databases on the internet.

Each domain we choose to register as a different value due to its name and priority.

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