Information Security

Information Security, as a part of the application/software development process, is an ongoing strategy or a plan involving people and development practices to build a more secure product or a software service.

It ensures application confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Secure application is the result of security-aware development processes where information and resources are more securely built in and thus developed with various security principles by technologies involved.

Security is most effective and practical if designed and executed throughout every stage of the software development life cycle, specifically in critical, large-scale, and enterprise applications or those that process sensitive information.

As we know that nowadays, in business practices around the world are majorly carried out by digital data transfer, thus security has become a very crucial aspect in data transfer applications and software's.

The companies primary responsibility will be handling and protecting the end user data from security threats and data breaches, hence every organization will be needing information security analyst's who will be handling the organizational networks for security breaches and investigate when one occurs. There responsibility also includes writing data encyption programs and check vulnerabilities in the computer and network systems.

By making security a priority throughout the development phase, developers have more opportunities to troubleshoot potential security risks, and fix them as an integral part of the software development process.

Security testing should be a crucial and prior area of attention in SDLC, not a one-time effort. If an organization want to avoid to bring up into costly vulnerabilities in software use , the firm don’t overlook crucial building the structure during the design and development phase.

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