User data and privacy policy

  • FSH Infotech hereby protects and maintains the user data collected through the forms and any other means by providing a strong security medium for each and everything posted by the user while browsing including name, mobile, email, and other data passed through the form inputs.

  • We collect data from the user mainly to make our website more friendly, sending useful information regarding our services, enhancing the customer service, for the feedback and comments on our pages.

  • We use secure servers to collect the information and said information is accessed only by the website administrator and is encrypted by the SSL that is integrated with our website.

  • We do not share your personal information with anyone including trusted third parties coordinating and supporting this agency, we are responsible, respecting, and committed to your privacy and protection of information.

  • We send emails and SMS's when required to promote and update you with the new services of our agency and to get in touch with you, we do not send emails and notifications unless and until it is so important.

  • The said information collected from you including newsletter forms, contact form, careers page and any other is stored in our database for further communication and keeping you with updated services and changes of our agency and website, sensitive information will not be stored for a long time and is removed from our database by the administrator time to time.

  • Our website consists of some of the useful links from other technical websites and information that only relates to our services, no untrusted, insecure links are integrated within our website, by clicking the links on such you will be redirected to the specific useful content related to our services and information.

  • For more information, you can contact us by calling +918125609617