Web Designing

Web design is referred to as the design of websites that are displayed and are hosted on the internet. It includes user experience and interface rather than the development of application software or a program. A web designer develops a website that contains works on appearance, content, and layouts. A good website is a website that attracts the users by its simple and neat design and provides quality content and a good interface for users to grab the information need to him.

The term web design is normally used to point the process of designing the frontend of the website as the website also encompasses of backend.

The technologies used to create a website frontend i.e., web designing are HTML, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, JQuery etc.

There are various skills required to create a good website such as visual design, layout design, usage of color combinations, interface design, and usage of CSS.

Website design has various principles that cooperate to make the complete insight of a site, including visuals, user experience, interface building, website design improvement (SEO), and content writing. These components decide how a website looks, feels, and interacts at different levels and pages.

Website design is not the same as web development, which is the actual coding that makes a website. While you're creating a website, you need both website designing and web development.

Here in FSH Infotech, we provide website designing for almost every kind of category including Ecommerce, Education, Non-Profit, Medical, Portfolios, Sales Website, HR Consulting, Technology, Food & Restaurant, Beauty & Fashion, Interior design, Travel & Hotels, Sports, Real Estate, Wedding and many more.

We use wide variety of frontend technologies at your preference and if needed we choose them for you and provide guidance to make a website. We mainly use frontend technologies including HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Flexbox, Iconic frameworks, Vue JS, React JS etc to design good interfaces and make them look awesome at every angle.

We design websites and applications which are scalable at runtime and with zero errors, for more information about our web designing you can contact here.

We also provide the web designing services listed below:

  • Provide the prototype and the wireframes for the website or an application
  • Design banners, templates, posters, cards and logos
  • Build the layouts
  • Create animations

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