Web Development

The term web development refers to building and maintaining websites. It includes various web-related activities including web design, web programming, and database management.

Frontend and Backend developments constitute Web development.

Frontend Web development refers to the development of the website or an application where the user interacts and communicate with the system. It is also known as the client-side of the website or an application.

Backend development refers to the development and maintaining backend process including database management system, dynamic web page development, and server side management. This is also referred to as server-side development where the data storage and all the backend process are grouped.

Frontend code is used to create static websites which display a web page and are used with frontend technologies like HTML, Vanilla Javascript, JQuery, etc.

But the dynamic websites include managing the databases, files across the system, user access control, and many more, this is done by using backend technologies like PHP, Node JS, Python, etc.

A database is an organized collection of data in a form of tables or collections and this data can be access electronically by a user from everywhere connected through an internet.

The backend database development process involves maintaining, storing, deleting, and updating the data related to the website. This is usually done by the database administrators, they manage the data related to an application. It also involves the creation of tables or collections in a DB (database) to store data in it, manipulating the data by using various data manipulation techniques, backing up the data for further use, and generating reports which give them analytical or statistical data on a particular web application.

Examples of database technologies and software used are MYSQL, Microsoft access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.

Here in FSH Infotech, we develop high standard, reliable, robust and dynamic web applications. Every web application that is developed will be srutinized for any more updates that are to be done which inturn enables good user experience and customer satisfaction.

Every application is by default unit tested at the end of developing a feature or a requirement, which results in effective development.

Code is optimized while the coding process is in progress, high valuable coding practices are impleneted throughout the coding phase of SDLC.

FSH Infotech provides you with all these web development services, we also do the following in web development for you:

  • Develop dynamic web pages for your application
  • Architect your database
  • Maintain your software / application data
  • Optimize your software code
  • Build CMS (Content management system's) for managing your content
  • Build Admin panels for monitoring your application
  • Build ERP, CRM applications

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